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Membership Materials

Local associations can click here to access the membership material request form.

Most of these materials are also available for you to download:

Membership Processing Information

Timeline of Important Dates

Membership Processing Frequently Asked Questions

Sample of correctly filled out membership form

Membership Cancellation Guide

Membership Payment Options

Membership Form
(Please make three copies of this form before sending us the original, one for the member, one for your local, and one for the SAU)

Student Member Enrollment

Student Membership Brochure

Retired Membership Information

Retired Membership Application

Retired Membership Brochure

Retired Membership Payment Options

Membership Resources

NEA Member Benefits Program - Services List

Resource Handbook for Membership Development in your Local 

Member Assistance Brochure

Handbook for Laid-Off School Employees

Agency Fee/Fair Share Brochure

Legal Resources

NEA Educators Employment Liability Program:
   Questions & Answers
   Certificate of Insurance

Attorney Referral Program

Adult-Student Boundaries Brochure


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