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Communications Grants

NEA-NH makes ten grants of $200 each available annually to local associations. The funds are used to enhance relationships between local associations and their communities. Application is by letter describing the local association's need and proposed activity. These grants are awarded to local associations on a first-come, first-served basis.

Send requests to NEA-NH Communications Department, 9 South Spring Street, Concord, NH

NH Foundation for Teaching and Learning

Children's Fund Grant

Effective Locals Grant Information and Guidelines

The purpose of this program is to provide financial grants to local associations that have a potential for increasing membership in the association based on applications judged to be the most likely to increase membership.

The intent of this program is to provide financial assistance to local associations where the potential looks promising, where the association develops plans that have the potential to produce results, and in general, where a financial investment by NEA-NH appears to have the potential for success in recruiting members.


  1. Eligible local associations have memberships that represent less than 80% of the total potential membership (total bargaining unit).
    Applications must include the number of the total potential membership (bargaining unit count).
  2. Grant local applicants will complete a "Effective Locals" self-assessment survey in order to use the data to determine the needs of the local.
  3. The local association will develop a written proposal and submit it to NEA-NH.
  4. The UniServ Director must be involved in the local analysis and planning process.
  5. Grants may be used in a variety of ways based on the needs of the local association and on the recommendations of the UniServ Director.
  6. Grant applicant locals will send a team to the NEA-NH Summer Leadership Week Training (August 5-9) and attend one or more of the following:  
    • I-1 Building Sustainable Leadership in Your Local Association 
    • B-3 Building Representative Training
    • A-3 Imagine Your World Without Your Local Association
    • E-3 Engaging and Creating Community Partners
    • G-3 M.O.M. Training
    • A-2A The Jim Sweeney Leader's Academy
  7. Grant funds are to be used as a supplement to the local association budget, not as a replacement.
  8. Proposals must be received by the Regional UniServ Director no later than July 12 and will be forwarded to the NEA-New Hampshire Membership Work Group. 
  9. Grant approval decisions will be made by July 17.
  10. NEA-NH will reimburse locals as expenses are incurred or will make some advance payments, but the entire grant will not be paid in advance.
  11. The local association must complete a written evaluation of the success and/or failure of the program and submit it to NEA-NH no later than April 1 of the grant year.
  12. Grants are made on an annual basis; however, an association can re-apply in subsequent years.  A local cannot receive more than two (2) local membership grants within a five (5) year time frame.
  13. Grants will not ordinarily exceed $1,000.
  14. Grant proposals must include:
    • The top three reasons why people are not joining the association. This information must be provided by building.
    • Programs, activities, and efforts that appear to have the greatest chance to successfully recruit the most new members.
    • The purpose of each activity including how the activity will address one of the reasons for non-joining.
    • The estimated cost of each activity.
    • The total amount being requested.
    • The total amount of the local association contribution.
  15. Changes may be made to the plan subsequent to grant approval based upon consultation with the UniServ Director and approval by the membership committee.

Use these links to download the application, evaluation, and the "Effective Locals" self-assessment survey.


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